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Welcome to my Patreon page. I am a struggling Romanian artist, trying to make a living, while hard working in a French corporation. I won the 4th place at the national poetry contest "Romeo şi Julieta la Mizil", when I was just 16. I also wrote a 134 pages movie script about the Holocaust, as a gift for the actor Sebastian Stan. I would like to have more money and more spare time to create art, to learn more and also teach others. For a few years I have been writing a Sci/Fi novel, that has a very thick plot and 600 pages. For writing my book, i do not need money, but I need more time, and time is money. Also, I need more time to go to conferences, events and so on. So, I really need money to survive. Ding! For my other hobbies, I need to provide devices in order to make them better. The Youtube channel is still under development; I have just overcame my fear to speak in front of the camera in my native language and I will soon start speaking in English too (a bad English, mixed with French and Romanian, and with a Russian accent). All in all, I thank you all in advance for every dime sent. I will do the same for other artists when I will be on my feet. Let's make the world a much more beautiful and hospitable place!
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