Johari Rose Du Pont

is creating Mixed Media Paintings, Illustrations, and Comic Squares

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Weekly Sketches
per month

Every week I will send you high resolution painted sketches and illustrations. 

The difference between this tier level is that you are getting either a creature or an environment with abstract detail.

Compared to the other packages which has both [background + subject + layered details] and may take days to complete. 

Subjects include sea creatures, spooky forests, and comic styled artwork.

Each piece will be sent to you once a week digitally with personal commentary. 

Two Eerie Illustrations
per month

Every First of the month I will send you an An Eerie Illustration along with a personalized note description about the creation of the piece. 

For example, the painting on the cover of this tier of support is a fish. It's called a handfish and I painted it because I was very depressed but also unimpressed by anhedonia. The face of this fish feels morose but unremorseful.

This package includes

  • Illustrations from the abstractness of mental illness and optimistic personal growth.
  • Two Illustrations a month with personalized commentary 
Creature Creation Basics
per month

Every month I will send you original content of two to three paintings.

This Package Includes

  • One step-by-step creature creation
  • A minimum of 2 paintings [digitally]
  • Personalized commentary about each painting  




per month


I’ve spent the last six years in higher education learning about clinical and organizational psychology. While enriching my career aspirations, I was met with burnout after two years of graduate school. Mental health, a lifetime of trauma, and the absence of socioeconomic resources forced me out of my graduate program and out of a job. I strategically retreated from southern California to my home state of Washington State, to rest for the first time in my life.

Now I truly have to put myself first, and that’s what lead me to Patreon. Here I can make a space where I can paint beyond the confines a Christmas Present. My goal is to earn enough support from people like you, and to continue to work on my craft. As a mental health advocate and as a person who’s had an unconventional life of self-rearing, I value having a voice in my art.

To use paint to capture my depression and anxiety as a human experience. Using my visual voice to advocate for this battle for mental health, so that others might see parts of their silent struggles depicted loudly and in color.

By donating to my Patreon you are helping me to live and paint. You’re helping me to spend my energy combining psychology and art to create a narrative through comics and illustrated short stories. I sold everything I had to make it back from the verge of homelessness. With your assistance, I can create a sustainable space for myself to live with mental clarity and the emotional nourishment of the visual medium.

My art is heavily influenced by my home among the rain dripping trees of the Pacific North West (PNW). I use my interaction with various mediums to better understand the relationship between mental illness and the self. It turns out that painting spooky monsters and haunted forests, illustrating comic characters, and writing poetry has been instrumental to my mental health. It is through the visual arts that I seek to support those with mental illness by bringing attention and honesty to this human condition, with the insights of academic research. 

Below are my subscription tier options

Tier Options 
Tier 1: Two Eerie Illustrations
two paintings a month 

.................................................... 2 paintings a month  

Tier 2:
Creature Creation Basics
1 step by step creature creation (painting progression) 
2 new paintings a month, sent digitally  

.3 paintings a month

Tier 3: Illustrations & Bonus Content  
2 paintings [min] a month
1 fully detailed painting
1 poem with an incorporated illustration

5+ painting a month

*all paintings are high-resolution digital copies that come with personalized commentary

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me!

I'm always here for questions or inquires about commissions feel free to reach out to me.

You can reach me at [email protected] 

My website is contains autobiographical poems and chapters, positive professional development, and lifestyle articles about mental health and well being.

I'm on Instagram @joharirose & @johari.squareone, Facebook @LifeSquareOne, and Mastadon @Johari.
$0 of $350 per month
Reaching $ 350 dollar would allow me to expand my content and amount of tiers. I want to include prints of my paintings and originals in my Patreon subscriptions options.
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