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About John Matarazzo

As a music veteran (please read my bio off to the bottom left), my understanding of how the music business works, where it’s been and where it ‘might be’ going brings me to one question: “How can a creator like me, with years of experience generate a new fan base, especially not having been on the touring circuit in over two decades!”

Though I’ve been told I have a fascinating biography/discography, I really have not established a solid fan base throughout my career; because I have worked in the background the majority of the time. So, in recent months, my thoughts have turned to creating a new project around a pop-reggae sound, which is one of my true loves. After deciding on this new project and being really interested in what the Patreon business model had to offer, I determined that these new works will be made exclusively to my new Fans/ Patrons.

I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with more than a handful of music’s greatest artists from around the world, and with this background, it’s my great pleasure to announce that I’m here to create and offer new music and videos for fans that also resonate with the world-pop-reggae genre. From time-to-time I’ll also be mixing and remixing with some ambient, dub and electronic elements. Not mentioned in my bio, I’m also seasoned in the film industry and am really looking forward to shooting comedy skits for the purpose of building momentum for these new music releases. Oh yeah, Patrons will also have the opportunity to assist me on the A&R and creative side as well ;)

All-in-all, your pledge will aid in bringing more creative resources to this project while helping me to confirm that reggae influenced music can still ‘Catch A Fire’.
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