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Thank you for visiting my Patreon page. By contributing to one of the available patron tiers, your monthly contribution will help me in huge ways to continue the creations that I share, through numerous projects by becoming a monthly patron. I started this Patreon account for those who want to support the work I create and share. To those who are so generous enough as to show your support here on Patreon, I want to say thank you. All of you here are truly a huge piece to what helps me continue creating. Each monthly donation tier shown here will help me bring you more quality content, as I will have the ability to expand gear/equipment for creating, as well as situating more time to work on projects. As an extra thank you for your amazing generosity, you will receive exclusive content and other awesome things I have to share, such as exclusive photo prints, photos I will be sharing only here, behind the scenes of my edits/workflow on these projects, tutorials and presets (for all of the other photographers and creators),  and even more as things continue to grow.

For those unfamiliar with Patreon:
Patron is a platform used by creators, backed by the generosity of supporters who believe in the hard work that those creators put into providing quality content for them. In my case, patrons support with a monthly fee (from $1-$50) and in return, receive special content, which will grow as the Patreon page grows.

Patreon is a great platform to help me connect with you on a more personal level! It’s a very helpful platform for me, as I connect with those of you who would like to support the content I create & share. As I had mentioned, you're truly bringing life in a huge way to the projects I continue to create. Between what I do for income, which helps me live of course, time can be very limited to actually work on what I love to work on. Don't get me wrong, I'm so thankful that I can make a living through photography, and while that is awesome, it also eats up almost all of my time through the weeks/months. Between all of the "fun" business stuff (seriously, it can be fun to learn at times) there are only a few moments that I get to create the regular content I share with all of you. It can be difficult creating this content through my living funds (the funds I use to eat and live.) When I am able to, I exhaust all of my remaining energy, pouring my blood, sweat and tears (all mostly made up of coffee and energy drinks) into work to bring you this content, and offer as much cool stuff as I can.

Patreon helps creators bring more quality, and more value to their content by making it financially sustainable long-term (making you the life blood of someone's body of work.) As you could imagine, it’s quite difficult to create as much content as creators would like to create with all of the other work to be done during the week piled on top of that. Your generosity as a patron is greatly appreciated.

When you make a monthly monetary contribution, of course it’s normal to ask “where is my money going?”
In this situation, your contribution goes to helping me bring you better, higher quality content, and more of it. This could range from simple live streams, to in-depth projects and future books, videos and more.

As you could imagine, it takes time (a whole lot of it) and resources, such as equipment (microphones, computer stuff, memory cards, cameras, camping gear, studio expenses, etc.) to create content. Resources like this and others I need for certain projects all require some funds. Between everything else I do, it can be difficult to secure proper funding needed to complete such projects, because ya know, living and eating and all.
This extra funding can help me not only secure some needed things, but more easily replace damaged equipment if the problem arises. Things are easy to break, but I try to be careful because nobody wants broken equipment.

If you are in a situation where you simply cannot afford to support with monetary contributions, then please do not sweat it, because sweat gets you all wet and sticky, and nobody wants to be all sticky and uncomfortable. I understand what it's like to only have enough money to live and eat (which is again why I am here in the first place) and those things are MUCH more important than supporting a project, no matter how much you may love and want to support the project. It's not worth stretching your food funds for. My content will still remain free for viewing on all social media. Just knowing that you're there to check out and see what I have to share means so much to me. You're the best humans around.

Now I would like to say that if you have made it this far through all of the reading above, THANK YOU for still being here, and showing interest in my work.

Thank you all so much for your support, and believing in my work, and the content I will continue to create for you. It truly means so much to me.
You can check out some of the content I have created via my website or blog, as well as Youtube:

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 28 exclusive posts
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