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The Hobo Classic (with Cheese)
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You'll get a shoutout at the end of my videos (unless you want to keep your pledge private).
Play Your Level in Super Mario Maker on Stream
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I'm going to start doing semi-regular Super Mario Maker streams. If you have a level creation you'd like to share, I'll give it a go.

I can't guarantee that I'll beat it, especially if it's ridiculous Kaizo nonsense, but I'll give it a whirl for sure.

I'm not discouraging hard levels at all. If a level would show up in an Expert 100 Mario Challenge run, I'm all for it.

If it has a sub-1% clear rate (Super Expert), I make no guarantees that I'll beat it.

I'll even play them if they feature things I listed in my two "What Not to Make in Super Mario Maker" videos, but if they do feature too much of that stuff, I probably won't like them.

Normal levels get a limit of ten lives. If I can't beat them in the ten lives, and I'm not having fun with the level, then I'll probably move onto another one. If I'm having fun with a level, even if I don't beat it in ten lives, I'll keep going with it.

Any level that can be reasonably listed as a troll level will get a limit of five lives. This is non-negotiable.
Choose a Johnny Martinez Food Review Item
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Those who pledges fifteen dollars or more will have their item choice entered into a Strawpoll. Once a month, I will conduct the poll, and the top four results will be reviewed (at a rate of once per week), provided I have access to them.

You can't vote for an item that has already been reviewed once before. You can vote for an item that lost a previous Strawpoll, but you can't vote for one that has already won a previous Strawpoll and has been reviewed.

There are certain limitations, like region. I live in Saint John, NB, Canada, so I must have ready access to the restaurant.

That means region-specific franchises like In-N-Out Burger are out of the question.

Check for restaurant locations in Saint John for your choice, or even check restaurant guides for Saint John for region specific ones here. Make sure you check the menus, and their time-of-year availability.

I want to guarantee, as much as possible, that your item choice gets reviewed if it wins.

Try to keep the item at the $15 mark (or less), at least until I get more pledges.




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About Johnny Martinez

I'm Johnny Martinez. I'm many things: shitposter, video game content creator/Twitch streamer and parody food critic in my off-time. Welcome to my Patreon page.
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If I can consistently stay at $5,000 per month or more, I'll start making videos full-time.
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