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A pledge of one dollar to me will get you updates and sneak peeks to what games I'm working on as I'm developing.  The rate at which these come is based upon how much free time I have.




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My Name is Johnsy and I'd like to be a game creator.

I have some amazing ideas for games that could really be fun to play, (updates to come)  and I would very much like to see them to fruition.  Currently, however, my job (aspirations don't pay bills)  is very taxing and extremely time consuming.  

My Game updates will be free to all, but if you'd like to take part in polls to help choose the direction of the game, consider becoming a patreon today.  

thank you all for your consideration.
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currently, game design is only a hobby, but a very passionate one at that.  reaching at least $2,000 monthly I can leave my current job and take a part time one leaving more time for game design. With this goal, supporters can expect  updates every other month with voting for all patrons for them to decide which direction the game is going.
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