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  What is the goal of this Patreon?

Hey, what's up guys Joker here! I've decided to start this Patreon for a couple reasons.
  1. Allow viewers to support me so that I can continue providing high quality content that will evolve and improve with your contribution.
  2. Give you a way to directly interact with me outside of Youtube. All patrons have access to messaging and at certain tiers you can view and interact on monthly vlog posts right here on Patreon.
  3. Expansion. I have begun the process of establishing an e-shop to buy shirts and other swag. I also hope to hire a graphic artist to assist with some of the shirt designs and new channel logo.

The recent adpocalypse has hit my channel rather hard over the past month or so. When this whole thing began back in spring, I was largely unaffected as it mostly seemed to involve controversial content that was deemed non-advertiser friendly. However, since then Youtube has implemented a new algorithm that seems to flag anything and everything game related. Even many of my tech news videos have been flagged as unable to be monetized for some inexplicable reason. On newer videos I have been able to rectify this by filing a dispute, but often by the time it is resolved the video has already lost its steam in the views department and all the money I should have earned is already gone. That's just kind of the way it goes on Youtube. Every once and a while videos can catch fire and shared around a lot where this isn't much of an issue, but very often that is not the case and the only income I see is from the views established in the first 24 hours. With most of my videos doing 10-20K views in that period at just $1 per thousand views, its not hard to figure out that my small income as it is has dwindled even further.

So it is at this time I would like to call on the community to help fund this project that I started 4 years ago with nothing but a passion for gaming and tech. Your contributions will allow me to continue producing the content you already love. It will also allow me to do even more content as more money means I can buy more hardware that you want tested. This can mean graphics cards, monitors, peripherals and games for performance reviews. Pretty much no company will provide codes for performance testing so that cost falls entirely on me.

In addition to testing you will directly help with funding trips to events like PAX, Computex and CES. For the most part up until now this is a cost that has fell directly on me, but without your support it simply won't be sustainable moving ahead.

I thank all of you for watching my content and taking the time to read this Patreon so you can at the very least consider a small contribution. Remember that every single dollar helps me to reach my goals and to give you the best content I can provide on technology and PC gaming.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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