Jolly Lally

is creating Digital Art, Animation, Funny Videos, LiveStreaming Art Making!
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With this contribution, you will recieve an icon image! It can be you, a friend, a cat, fan art, anything! It will be outlined with flat color and one layer of shading.
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Want to see yourself as a cartoon? Want to see fan art made of your favorite character in my digital painting style? With this donation, you will recieve a free, one character digital Painting of your choice! Print it out, frame it, make it your desktop background, show it to your mom
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About Jolly Lally

Jolly Lally needs your help!
She wants to make animations!
She wants to stream digital art-making on Twitch!
Please show your support with a monthly donation, and let the artin' Continue!
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An animated video to be posted on Youtube (JollyLally)
This funny animation focuses on Jolly Lally, her brother, and their Grandparents
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