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About Jolly Shadow Comics

Heya Hiya People!

My names Joey and I'm "Jolly Shadow" for Jolly Shadow Comics. I work with a couple of artists by the names of Atenmaru, Dapit_Jamur and Porsh1104, together we make comics. Supporting Jolly Shadow Comics means helping us to realize our dream of creating beautiful and interesting stories.

Right now we have one comic up on Webtoons called The Devil's Blood. You can check it out for free here:
The Devil's Blood

We're also starting on two new projects, one of them will be called Molly. A story about a woman living in the aftermath of the apocalypse. She's nicknamed the "Boo Bandit" by locals due to her calling card of saying "Boo" just before robbing people at gun point.

The other project is called Virgil Hates Ben. We don't want to spoil much about this project so we're going to leave it vague.  

If you like our work please help us to continue!
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