Josh Miller

is creating worlds, stories and life through live action and animated film.
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About Josh Miller

Animation has and always will be my favorite thing in the world.
It's truthfully been an escape for me all of my life when things have gotten rough, Because when you're sitting there crafting a new world, as farcical as it may be, everything wrong with the world seems to slip away. If only for an instant.
Anyone who has ever animated i'm sure feels the same way.. 
I've talked to many animators over the years who have been forced away from this incredible experience of creating by life's many obligations. And as I see myself slowly finding less time to work on the craft that will become my career, I know I need to consolidate my time towards animation and only animation. 

This is why I'm reaching out to you :) Personally one on one with anyone who believes in me. I plan for this next year to be my first step towards claiming my dream. Every donation will help me spend less time at my dead end minimum wage job and dry freelance projects and more time at the computer making things I (and hopefully you) love! If you want to be a part of my journey please feel free to pledge a dollar towards my Patreon! In doing so you can get your name on the credit wall of my next video and contribute massively to my dream. Still working out Goals and rewards! Any suggestions would be super appreciated!

For now I'm planning on doing Live streams for fans, Q/A's, progress shots, breakdowns of my processes for individual scenes, interviews with other animators, memorabilia rewards like; t-shirts, buttons, stickers, signed illustrations, posters etc (Give me some ideas!)

I do ask one thing! I don't feel comfortable with receiving any money from a patron who is not interested in my current project, that would be really shitty to disappoint someone who believes in my work, some of my productions are going to be very serious (not funny but filled with meaning) and some will be a little over the top with crude humor, only pledge if you think you would enjoy the finished project! 

I'm hoping that with putting my whole self out there with my animations that I might find an audience with similar perspectives so if I see you're pledging towards my Patreon I'd love to chat one on one!

Kind Regards everyone,

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Adam King

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