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About High Vibration

I have explored every conspiracy on the internet, I have looked for truth in every religion. I have been to the deepest darkest corners of reality and back again. As I broke down mental barrier after mental barrier, there was a time when I believed nothing. Then I found the truth! Love and inner peace. I have found keys, or frequencies that when used properly will unlock the secrets of the cosmos! I am not talking about fantasy or imagination! I am talking about actual downloads of information that come from a source higher than myself. I am talking about frequencies and meditations that make the lights in the room flicker! Downloads of information that transcend space and time! With proper training I believe that anyone can unlock this ability! So forget everything that you think you know, and realize that I am no one, and you are not who you think you are. Lets get our frequency higher and explore the cosmos together!
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Please share my Patreon page with friends or family members who you think will enjoy my content, and appreciate truly waking up. When I get 1000 patrons, I will begin a weekend retreat, twice a year so that I can help others connect with their higher self... In person.
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