Jon Hammond

is creating The Falling Star: a 3 part graphic novel about the fall of Satan

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Hello everyone,
Jon here. So to break things down succinctly, I'm an author/illustrator, youtuber, atheist, father of three, martial artist, performer, etc.
Volume 1 of my graphic novel The Falling Star was published by Hypatia Press in June of 2019.
The Falling Star essentially retells the Bible from the perspective of the "Satan" character. (Think Paradise Lost meets the Skeptic's Annotated Bible)
I do a Youtube show called "According to Jon" which began as comedic retelling/literary critique of the Book of Genesis, but has since branched out to include other works of mythology as well.
I'm setting up this Patreon basically to help supplement my income, as I go through the process of creating my content, and raising my kids.
Writing and illustrating is a lot of work, and raising kids is expensive, so every little bit helps.
$0 of $1,000 per month
My goal is to lessening the financial strain of existing while raising three children, so that I have more time to devote to them, while writing and illustrating my books, creating art, and making videos. 
Upon reaching this goal I can officially work on volumes 2&3 of The Falling Star, and be Dad, full time.
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