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About Jon Paula

Hi, I'm Jonathan Paula - and THANK YOU for visiting my Patreon page!
Your support can help make my dreams a reality!

I've been creating original video content since 2001, over half my life. "Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?", "Don't Eat The Spam", "The World According To Jon", "Movie Night", and "Roller Coaster Commotion", are just some of the shows I've created over the years. It might look they're produced with big-budgets and a team of professionals, but it's just me. I single-handedly script, record, edit, upload, and promote around 10 videos every week.

Unfortunately, changing algorithms, over-saturation, and the popularity of AdBlock means my per-view revenue has dropped 80% over the past few years, making it harder than ever to do YouTube as my full time job. So that's where you come in!

If you enjoy what I make, want to support independent content, and unlock cool rewards in the process - please BECOME A PATRON. With your help, I can focus on creating engaging videos, instead of worrying about how much money they might make. A $3 pledge will offset nearly 5,000 views worth of AdSense revenue. Whether you'd like to influence the direction of my content, or just see a sneak peak before it goes live on YouTube, there's a perk for everyone. Check out the different reward tiers on the right for more info

Your pledge will give me room to breath, both financially and creatively - and I really cannot stress enough how fantastic that is. With your help, my content can become our content - and thrive well into the future.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration - I really appreciate it.
$50 of $400 per month
I'll do a live review/commentary of "Lavalantula"
My wife and I will host a LIVE stream of the 2015 low-budget disaster film, "Lavalantula", while we rife/review/comment on it in real-time. You just need to tune in to YouTube or uStream to watch!

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