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is creating Vlogs, Life content and a Daily Danish life.
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Holy sh#t one dollar per month! Dude thats Crazy. Okay i think we can make a deal. If u pay me a dollar per month you will get acces to all my extra content. Like: Bloopers, behind the scenes and even my extra videos that i dont chose to upload on youtube. But hey u pay me a dollar per month so u get to see them. ;3  




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About Jonathan H. World

Hi. Thanks for tuning in. My name is Jonathan Richardt Helledie and im from Denmark. Im not that old so my english can be a bit weird sometimes. But that doesen't matter right!? Ohh well.. I usually make content of how i live and stuff that happen in my life. Like: Trips, holidays and sometimes just random stuff that happen in my life. Im very new to social medias so it would mean a lot if u would join me on my journey. Hope u all have a great time here. Bye. ;3    
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5 dollars per month holy SH#T!! Guys thats just insane. I know it doesn't sound like much to some of you. But for me.. That´s a really big deal. Look im just a normal kid making content. And to get money from things i love to do is crazy. So thank you to every body who become a patreon! ;3
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