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Every dollar counts!  With your help I'm one dollar closer to making my next project way cooler than it would have been!

You rock!  Thanks for being there for me.

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About Jonathan Sippel

My name is Jonathan Sippel, and I’m a photographer currently living in Stratford Ontario. I’ve decided to jump into the world Patreon with two feet!  

Patreon is a service that connects creators (like me) with their biggest fans (like you) and enables those fans to become paying members, or ‘Patrons’ who receive special perks in return for their generous pledges.

I see this as the perfect tool to help me connect with people like you, and others who have come across my work one place or another. Through this page I will share previously unreleased projects that I’ve created dating back to 2008, in return for anyone who’s willing to send a couple bucks my way.  If you value what I do, just think of this as a virtual tip jar.

I’m hoping to raise more money for personal projects, as well to help pay for studio and recurring software costs.

Thank you so much for your interest and support for my work!

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Wow $500 is going to help me out so much! It will help me rent props, wardrobe, assistants, and cars to make my shoots bigger an more bad-ass than ever!
Once the $500 goal is reached, Patrons who receive the 'Just Shoot Me' perk will be eligible to have 1 friend, family member, pet, or lover join them for a portrait at special quarterly shoots.
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