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My name is joseph and for a long time I did drawings sketches and just really appreciated art. I'm not a genius when it comes to it but I pour myself into my sketches every line and object has meaning to me. Recently about 5 years back I got told that my shaking hands were due to a condition known as tremors and was told that they will only get worse as I get older. For a while I gave up drawing cause I couldn't steady my hands long enough to draw or it was causing discomfort to draw. I decided to fight it and I want to use my hands to draw with or without tremors I wanted to find a way to still Express myself. My drawings can range from something serious to doodles sketches or minor cartoons like drawings and illustrations. I do hope to advance further into this and I want to bring everyone with me.
$0 of $1,000 per Creations
This is mainly for supply's and living costs of where I am I don't expect to see a lot of it but who knows people might really enjoy my art and if so I'll gladly commission it out keep tabs on me to see when I make new drawings.
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