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You will have my eternal gratitude for being my patrons and helping me to make this dream a reality!  Every last cent helps, and I can't tell you how much it means to have your support.  
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About Josh Church

Teacher, Veteran, Artist

My name is Josh and I'm a self taught artist.  Initially, in my youth, I just created small pencil sketches, but then I started painting 1/6th scale figures and larger statues. To be honest, I wasn't really ready to professionally create art... I was just trying new things.  Very quickly I had clients and jobs to do, but wasn't quite where I needed to be as a person to handle it. It was at this point that I took a break.  I refilled my artistic cup, made peace with my failure and started making new art.  I moved to watercolor, copic markers, and even sculpting. 

I love art, and I love challenging myself to try new things. This new focus led to my first convention appearances and new customers. Recently, I put those convention profits into new art tools like my Cintiq tablet. With these tools, I'm just starting my foray into digital art. Your pledges will mean more available prints, more convention appearances, and ventures into new mediums.  You all are amazing for even taking the time to read this, let alone pledge.  But with your help, this schoolteacher who "arts" on the side just might one day make art full time and really expand what i can do and where I can go!  Thank you all so much. 

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This could go for a nicer HD webcam that I could make youtube videos for you guys!
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