Joshua Gutierrez

is creating paintings, oil, watercolor, jewelry

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Any time there is a thunderstorm you can contact me and we can scowl at the sky and shake our fists at the thunder.  For that is how thunder buddies roll.   . . . Get it?  
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This tier is for those who want to support my art, but are not able to do much each month.  
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I will provide character references to any interviewers with the mannerisms of a slightly feminine Mr. Rogers.   Because... well, I can't really pull off a decent Irish accent yet. 




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My name is Joshua.  I am an artist with disabilities who has been focused on learning to maintain a steady work routine.   Having a fixed income means a difficult and long path to getting materials to train, practice, and heaven help us all, sell.    My biggest challenge is self-management.  It is my earnest belief that I will attain better skills by working with people who believe in me, my art and my desire for success.    My two primary long term goals are. 

Become independent and self-sufficient and to open a gallery for artists with disabilities.

I would also like to create art programs for adults with PTSD.  

I want to thank any and every single person who has helped me develop the belief in myself and in my creations.
$32 of $90 per month
Each month I will be able to purchase supplies and release new runs of select colors and sizes.   
The month of February is Acrylic pours, and if materials are acquired, watercolor.  

This is a minimum needed to produce.  With more I will be able to start moving toward my goal of running a gallery for disabled artists.     
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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