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About Joshino

I love making videos, giving tips and tricks, voice overs and generally being a creative chap. I also love my growing community on YouTube, as you are all awesome!

YouTube has gotten me through some hard times, but now things are looking rather brighter! Currently I get a part time wage from YouTubing and do it full time. However, I can't quite support myself yet. If anyone wonders you get about $1 every 1000 views depending on the video. You can do the math there!

I currently still live with the rents, love them to bits, but our internet is unreliable and we are in the sticks. I can't currently stream and all my uploads are done over the 4g as it is so much faster!  But it has a small data limit. My next goal is to move into a small flat/shared house near the city to get a decent internet connection that can stream. I would do streaming when I would normally be playing games and gathering footage for YouTube anyway so it would be a win-win! :)

If you have the money, and are willing to support me on this venture - I will be eternally greatful!

To everyone who has helped me so far, you have literally kept me a float the past few months, thank you so much!

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Help me move into a small flat with fibre broadband near the city so I can stream, and generally get away from the unreliable broadband which can interrupt my video making out here in the sticks. Good internet needs only be my one luxury! (Will continue video making full time, just will be able to stream the games I normally get footage for bigger videos anyway)
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