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is creating new car review videos.

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Hi, my name is Josip Ricov.

If you’re new here, WELCOME! I am creator of new car reviews. I come from Croatia, small country in Europe. You might remember Croatia 🇭🇷who almost won World Cup 2018 in Russia, and got second place. Or you know it for many other reasons.

First, big thanks for supporting me on YouTube and being a loyal subscriber.

I have two main goals as creator: To always give you new car reviews your interested in, and a place you can comment, share your thougts on new cars and car industry trends in designt, technology, etc. For past 3 years I invested my time and money in this channel creating the content You like & watch for free. I left the idea of "safe" job and working for somone else, building somone else's dreams. And becam first automotive Croatian YouTuber with international audiance.

BUT I can only take this to the NEXT LEVEL with your support! All donations will help me generate more content that You like, while adding to qualit and more new content.
New camera eqipment or ticket to new car show, cover my rent or gas money.

Business, but before that really a dream. A dream where I don't work on building someone else dream, but on my own dream. And sharing this experience to You may loyal viewers. For You to change your life as well, and build your dreams! I was caught in a nightmare and daily stress life in developing country with corruption and no future for young people. I choose to change my future.

I was inspired first by Casey Neistat and his videos who brought new perspective to my view of the world. I also have a lot to thank to my good parents who worked hard to give me every opportunity to do better in my life among 2 younger brothers.
Another inspiration for cars and automotive content was Mike from AutoVlog and Alejandro from Salomondrin I learned a lot from them just by watching. I think you should check them out!

THANK YOU for supporting me!
Hvala (means thank you in Croatian)!

Regards from beautiful Croatia! 

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