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For 1$ a month you can post decks you want advice on improving while hopefully retaining the basics of the deck idea, especially if it is a fun one! If I reach my first goal I will be using 3-4 of the decks submitted each week for a video, if the submitter is ok with it of course.
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For 30$ a month you get a 2 hour personal coaching session for Elder Scrolls Legends on skype once a week, this can involve, arena, ranked play, deck building with you collection, advice on tournaments etc. (time zones can be tricky but I'll find a way)




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About JottoCCG


I'm a student obsessed with playing CCGs at a high level and producing content for them, I've been bouncing between various card game for the last 3 years, from Magic the Gathering to Hearthstone to my current game of choice, Elder Scrolls Legends.

The money I get from patrons will be going towards equipement for recording and streaming so that I can continue to maintain and improve the content I produce, as when it comes down to it, I do what I do because people want to watch it!
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Currently I make 2-3 videos per week on average, If this goal was achieved I would increase that to 4 videos a week, 3 regular videos (deck techs, meta overviews etc) along with a weekly series where I go over 3-4 decks submitted by patrons and give advice on how to improve them, while hopefully giving some general deck building tips along the way.
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