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About Journeyman_Mike

Hey all,

I'm an amateur writer who loves sci-fi, fantasy and LitRPGs. It started with The Dresden Files, Ready Player One, and the Dominic Deegan comice. It has not stopped! I've started to write my own LitRPG stories and I plan to write some more typical Scifi and Fantasy in the future as well.

I'll be releasing a chapter every week. There may be occasional rough draft releases on the weekends, right now I'll be spending that time primarily editing upcoming releases and getting ahead in the weekly chapters.

My main story is A Diver's Tale. A story about Henry, a guy caught 50 years after the end of the world as we know it testing a new technology that will allow him to explore the dark mysteries of the world. This will be a more traditional LitRPG and so far has been super fun to write!

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