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American by Birth Patriot by Choice

First let me start by stating that I’m a conservative that reserves the right to both the first and second amendment that inherently lend themselves to one another. I’m a seven year combat veteran serving seven years in the United States Air Force. Proceed with the Airmen jokes for they are well appreciated here. I believe there are only two genders, one God and believe that abortion is murder with zero exceptions. Free thinking is one of my passions as is freedom, photography, writing, music and just being a kick ass American. I welcome any opposition to my views however, I would appreciate informed fact based view points rather than bullshit cry babies spewing snowflake tears in my coffee. That being said welcome to my mind. Feel free to roam about freely, thanks to the courage of our great men and women in uniform past and present. Additionally it must be noted that the patriotic supporters of this great nation and its armed services are equally important to the sustained freedom we all enjoy.
-MericanPatriot over and out. 

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