is creating illustrations and design along with some gaming content

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Who is Jukzta?
Hey! Thanks for checking out the page! My name is Justin and I am an artist in the Midwest. My mind is constantly running faster than my hands are able to keep up with. I have many ideas for creating, design and manufacturing. I am a professional tattoo artist for about a decade now, with background in traditional art, media, design, logos, graphics and recently diving in to 3d art and development. I first started my Patreon to try and open possibilities for my video game streaming. Oh yeah, I'm a gamer and a streamer. Did I mention that? I've also helped run a couple of not quite successful gaming communities. Anyway...  some of you may know me from streaming or playing video games so, welcome to some insight into the "whole" me. I've actually long kept my social life kind of separate from my professional life, which have both been a bit separated from my personal life. This is where I start to break down some of those barriers.

Why do I want your money?
I'm looking for patrons like you to help support smaller facets of my artistic endeavors. This would allow me to put more focus on things that would otherwise be lower on the priority list. I absolutely love my career of tattooing but I thoroughly enjoy designing logos, business cards, flyers and other graphics. These design impulses along with my passion for video games has recently geared me toward creating overlays for twitch streams and other gaming community type art and design. Another hope for this page would be to allow me to earn some monetary support to translate some of my art and design on to t-shirts and other clothing or accessories.
So, as I mentioned, my mind is constantly pumping out ideas and I would like to let this place be the outlet for my hands to try and keep up. It's with your hard-earned money that I can allow myself to independently progress my passion of art, media and design and let these facets rise on the list of priorities and keep me busy.
To start off, the money that I receive here will go directly toward art supplies and equipment for making and maintaining media online and offline. Even an online presence takes time and money to own and operate.

Enough about me.
Let's talk about you, the Patron! Your support will never go unrecognized. No matter how great or small any contribution is, it's greatly appreciated! Any contribution here will gain you access to the Patron-only posts and an opportunity to participate in conversations and polls. Depending on your level of contribution you will be able to:
  • Discord community channel access
  • See sneak peeks of projects that are in progress
  • Download artwork for print or reproduction
  • Participate in live streams
  • Access raw .PSD files to see my process layer by layer
  • Access tutorials/lessons
  • Time lapse videos
  • Original personalized artwork
  • Discount codes to purchase art directly from me
Many things are happening here but it all starts with your support and will only grow through our community and patronage.

You're still here?
Holy shit, did you really read all of that!?! You are awesome! Whether you contribute to become a patron or not, I appreciate you taking your time to check me out. Feel free to stop back by anytime and stay updated. I know that not everyone is financially able to help support my artwork/insanity. But you are all welcome to show some love and give me a like, follow, heart, thumbs up, or whatever subtle emoji is tied to these social media outlets. Also you can check out my website at Jukzta.com.
Thanks again for stopping by!

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Livestream on Twitch/Mixer
At this amount, I will make time to do a weekly stream of whatever I am currently working on. This may be web design, commission art, 3D sculpting/printing, or maybe even some personal D&D campaign design. This will also be an opportunity for Q&A from viewers.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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