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About Julian Roy


Welcome behind the scenes of my world.  

Over the last year I had over 300,000 people listen to my music on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Pandora and I've received little income from that because no one buys music anymore.  I'm asking for your help so that I can keep making music and releasing it independently.  Patreon is a platform that allows people to support artists that they love so that they can keep creating art.  If everybody reading this right now gave me $3 I'd have enough to make music full-time.  

I would love your support.  I am constantly writing, recording and creating music videos and I am making great progress.  So far I've put all my own resources into this project.  In order to release more, I am asking for your support and that can be as simple as $3 per month or all the way up to $100!  Each tier of support gives you access to different rewards from my live streamed concert to The more you support me the more special offers you get each month.  Anything from attending my monthly live streamed concert to me flying to play for you in person ! 

Thank you sooo much - 
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This is my main goal - It would allow me to be self sustainable and focus all my time and energy on my career.  When we hit this goal, I will release 1 unreleased song to Patrons only.
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