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Hi! My name is Rae. I'm a queer, disabled nonbinary transfeminine autistic media artist living with Mental Illness. I am currently facing a housing crisis, as I cannot work full time receive the bulk of my income from a disability pension which is barely enough to pay for rent, let alone my basic needs. I have been evicted from last two homes on disability related fallout and the housing market in my city is ruthless. Ideally I should be living alone, or with a caretaker as I struggle with day to day tasks, including chores and self care, which causes friction with others, but rent in Toronto is too high and supportive housing comes with a long wait list. I could potentially be homeless by the end of the summer and that would not be the first time I've been left in that situation.  I'm seeking housing stabilization and a work from home support to augment my currently finances, and that's where patreon comes in.

My skills include drawing, 2D/3D design, website design, programming and storytelling. My main ambition is to use my art to create narrative games that entertain, educate and empower. Basically, I see a lot of sexist, racist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, body shaming or other wise hurtful stuff being pumped out by the media industry and want to provide a progressive, independent alternative.

I'm currently working on the first in a series of classical style 2D Science Fantasy RPGs called the Pandora Dreams Saga. Inspired by games such as Final Fantasy, Lunar, The Legend of Zelda and Star Ocean these games offer a unique blend of turned based combat and skill based puzzle solving tied together with an epic 4 part story about gods, magik, technology, dreams, fate, oppression, prejudice and an epic battle between the forces of good and evil, and a cast of diverse characters from all kinds of walks of life. Each game is a full length game told from the point of view of a different heroine. I also do painting and digital illustration

The support you give me will help pay my rent, either shared or in a bachelor/studio apartment (Preferred), so I can focus my time on art pursuits. Anything above my housing stabilization goal will be used for design software subscriptions, canvases, art supplies and music outsourcing for my games. Patrons will get access to exclusive artwork, videos, music, screenshots and art from the game and it's universe and may be eligible for a free copy of the next game on release.
$22 of $200 per month
Housing Stabilization 1

This is the max I can earn each month on ODSP without clawback  It will help me get started in finding and maintaining safe and affordable housing.

At this goal I can release weekly updates on the game, information on lore, as well as plenty of digital art and paintings.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 10 exclusive posts

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