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I am a self taught, artist and writer . Growing up , I’ve always been into comic book art. It was my gateway to story telling and drawing. As I got older, I became a graffiti artist (shhhhhhhh) and did some stuff I probably shouldn’t have,in the name of art and creativity. As I grew passed that , wall painting and tagging stage, I became enthralled with acrylic paints. I thought, all the nice things I could do with it, along with what I already knew. Now when I first started, I stunk, like, no ..really I did. But it was a long, beautiful, creative process. Finding myself as a artist and creator was enlightening. I was able to convey my deepest, most abstract thoughts with a pencil and pad. As a writer as well, the process was parallel to that of art. I’ve always wrote poetry, and had an affinity for science fiction and fantasy. The out of world, not normal aspects intrigued me. To get away, and live an adventure was a dream I wanted to have every moment. And the closest I got to that was creating my own. And I’m fortunate to have the creative juices to be able to make it into something actually legible. Ok, so now I’m done boring you with junk about myself, but I’m hoping that for the 2% that actually read that, would help me in my continued journey towards creating artwork and stories that captivate, amuse,
and confound you.
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Not only am I a self taught artist, I am also a writer! Yes, I know, a jack of all trades they say. But seriously I am! I’m looking to release two science fiction/fantasy books. Now being that I’m an artist, I’ll be adding original artwork depicting parts of the story written .( so I guess it’s  a sort of graphic novel) . But golden spray can members, and patrons, lets build this together. Your help will go a long way towards getting this off the ground and into your brains.
Those that do help, will definitely get recognized ! I will be adding a tag up page in the back of each book where I give thanks, and you all will get shouted out! All , because you’ll. Be a part of the process!
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