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We're now on Patreon so that we can bring exclusive content to those who love our family of misfits! Through Patreon, we'll be able to share more photos and videos of Juniper and the gang directly with you, while providing a more personal "behind the scenes" aspect of living with exotic animals. 

We'll be offering exclusive photos and videos that won't be going up on Instagram and detailed educational posts about all of the different species we house here! We also do giveaways, and offer special monthly subscription boxes that include so many nature and animal themed goodies, as well as featuring an animal you helped that month! We can't wait to share all of the cool things we have in store for you! 

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  • Exclusive bonus videos and photos just for patrons 
  • Behind-the-scenes looks into Juniper's life
  • Access to educational posts about exotic animal husbandry 
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Thank you, patrons! At this level, you're officially a sponsor. You'll receive: 

  • Access to ask any questions you have about the animals you're sponsoring, whenever you'd like!
  • Receive exclusive digital files, like background pictures and presets to edit your own photos!
  • All previous rewards

Subscription Box
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Welcome to the elite merch club! At this level, you'll receive:

  • A subscription box every other month that includes things like books, pins,  handmade items, stickers, clothing, and so much more. Each month is a theme based on the animal you're helping that month! 
  • A post card featuring one of our furry friends once a month.
  • Early access to merch
  • Plus all previous rewards
1000 – reached! patrons
When we reach 1,000 patrons we will create a new enclosure to give a forever home to an additional exotic rescue animal. This animal will be sponsored by you, our patreons. You will have the opportunity to choose the name the animal and get an exclusive behind the scenes look on what it is to rescue and care for our additional family memeber. Thank you all for your help on this journey.
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