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Hopefully you can grasp on me experiencing thrill doing music :) and of course know the stories behind all of em songs :P :)




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It has been a long way already, and yet this is just a start...

Music was always an important part of my life. My mom was a singer so I got to experience music from ´the other side of the speaker´. Microphone. Strangely enough we never sung together when I was young. Whenever we meet now she wants to talk but I always insist on singing. :D

My goal is to record over 60 songs that I made over the last 7ish years. I was solely into composing and I did it just for myself. Recently through the last couple of events in my life I was encouraged by friends to perform what I created. After a long hesitation and uncertainty I finally gave it a try and I loved it. Here is the new me ready to start performing reflection of my life in my songs.

Through the last couple of years of traveling I was collecting instruments and setting up my inefficient, but constantly improving mobile studio. I feel like everything was adding up to this moment and I sense that I am at the right place at the right time, surrounded by supportive people.

I think Patreon page could help me to share my life with you, allow you to see what I saw and feel what I felt. Every song I ever made is a reflection of a particular moment in my life. With the blank papers I share everything. My despairs, my fights, ups and downs, my love and my hate, friendships, apologies and thoughts. By listening to my songs and hearing my lyrics you could say that you put on my shoes.

I cooperated with a professional studio and recorded 5 of my songs. I would like to make videos for them too when the time is right. On my page I would be adding a short explanation of what was going with my life at the moment the song was created. Unfortunately these 5 professional recordings exhausted all of my money savings, so I had to relocate to a different country for work to stabilize my life. Now the only person capable of stopping me is me, so I would like to invite you guys to stop me from stopping myself. The sound quality of the songs is pretty much what I would like to achieve and therefore further investments for equipment are necessary.

BIG HOWEVER - I am not 100% satisfied with the songs from the studio as looping was necessary due to me not being very good at performing my pieces. (It is something that I work on now :P) Honesty is something that I value immensely and therefore I would like to record my next songs without any loops and with much more heart in them. As I have this little mobile studio of mine - I am sure as **** getting better. :D

I have very big plans, I feel a lot of inspiration and I would love it if you joined me on the sunrise of my musical career.

Let´s do this together!
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with every 100th patron I will post something special ;)
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