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Hey, my name is Nic, otherwise known as JustBored, I've been doing Let's Plays on YouTube for a few years now and feel like it's probably about time I make one of these. I'm not exactly.. popular? But I mean, if you want to contribute to help me grow and stuff, it would be much appreciated. I can't exactly give anything back in return, not yet anyway, so if you would like to contribute right now it would be just out of the kindness in your heart pretty much. I would very much appreciate it but don't feel like you have to. I figure I should make the option available just in case though.

All proceeds will go towards improving my videos, so I'll try to be getting stuff like new video cards, new monitors, a capture card so I can actually record console games, maybe eventually even a new, better PC so I can like.. turn the graphics up and run games that require more processing power, lol X3 but yea, if you donate, that's the kind of stuff I'll use the money towards.

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