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is creating 90's flavored Dance and Rave Music




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About Just Lucky

Who Am I?
Hello, I'm Just Lucky. I make 90's flavored electronic music, among other things.

Am I Capable Of Delivering?
Am I ever. I could make and release music forever.
You can check out my current albums at https://luckyrave.bandcamp.com/

Why Do I Want To Make This Sort Of Music?
I appreciate the freedom and flexibility of this style of music. The only box you put yourself in is a sort of vibe, and I'd like to live in that box. I like that diversity in sound.

Why Patreon?
I want to come up with some solution where people who help me get something out of it.

Why Should You Become a Patron?
By becoming a Patron, you can get future content at a reduced cost.
You will receive relevant news as it comes, pre-release versions of songs on upcoming albums,
and whole albums as they arrive.

Thank you for your time!

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