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Acting on a lifelong love of fantasy, mythology and children’s literature, I am presently working on an entertaining mash-up of mythology, history, art and my own personal theories around many mysteries in the Harry Potter universe. I have ten “scripts” for the series “Hermione’s Secret Research Journal”. The first, which I have just posted on YouTube, is entitled “The Grendel of Grindelwald and the Origins of the Maledictus”.

In addition to content, I have developed a style that I like to call NeoRadio. My father used to play me recordings of the old radio shows he listened to as a child. “Who knows what lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” The brilliance of the old radio programs is that it forced you to used a wonderful human trait, your imagination! And this is also what makes reading so wonderful for me. The words both heard and written have your imagination paint the picture! The goal of my NeoRadio style is to tap that aspect of imagination by focusing on the telling of a story augmented by visuals but, really still requiring the watcher to paint their own picture using their imagination.

i hope my stories are appealing to both adults and children, and everyone walks away entertained and maybe having learned something about mythology, literature or history.

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