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Hello my name is Brandon and I am the proud owner of a YouTube channel called "Knowledge Is Power." My channel focuses on creating content about faith, money, and business. I have 3 main purposes for my channel and they are: to lead people to Jesus, to lead people to a debt free future, and to help people to start their own business. As of the creation of this page I currently have 216 subscribers and growing a little everyday. I would love to be able to create videos, that can change peoples lives, full time. I have a lot of big plans for this channel, and if you want to hear about them I would love to share with you my vision for my channel.

I am seeking funding for my channel, and would greatly appreciate it if you would consider becoming a partner in my mission to help change peoples lives. As I stated earlier, I am more than welcomed to chat with you so that you can learn more about me and my vision for Knowledge Is Power. Thank you


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