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I am looking for individuals and organisations that are Passionate about fostering a successful Battlefield eSports Circuit to support me. If you like to become an Sponsor I am currently looking for Sponsorship




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About KLWHitmanPike

I am one of a team of Shout Casters who commentate competitive matches, event's and ladder's. Maintain an impartial, bird's eye view of the field. As well as being able to capture both skill and mistake's whilst providing a witty and informative narrative. Shout Casts are intended to give the viewer a tactical overview of the situation, allowing both individuals and teams gain better insight into competitive game play. We also hope to achieve celebrity for our communities and their members. Matches are Cast far and wide so both your Mistakes and Victories have an audience.

I also Pod Cast and LIVE stream discussions on History through Sound Cloud and marry the Pod Cast to Gameplay on YouTube. 

For anyone willing to support me Financially I really appreciate your assistance. My intention is to become a Full Time Content Creator, Streamer and Pod Caster. I'm in the process of saving up for new hardware such as a Mic, better PC rig and other streaming tools. 

My intention is to utilise the Games Industry to help make History accessible and interesting to those who would otherwise struggle to find it engaging. 

If your passionate about history and your passionate about gaming, please help support me get the word out there.

I am currently trying to expand my Services to Support PC and Playstation 4. 

KLWHitmanPike - eSport Shoutcaster
$0 of $350 per null
Currently saving for a PS4 that will allow me to broadcast Battlefield V eSport Shoutcasts to the wider Community
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