Kris Quistorff

is creating Sprawling Worlds of Mercurial Myth and Mundane Majesty



About Kris Quistorff

I've always been fascinated by why, and how. From the profound to the unavoidable, the cosmic to the conspicuously unobtrusive. From our fumbling human condition, to our obsession with the divine, the perfect, and even the profane, and all abstract distinctions of what defines these things. The story of how we get here, is often as interesting as where we go next.

Building worlds has always been a passion from me. I never grew out of that strange childlike fascination not only in asking others why, but offering my own explanations. With taking that step from "because why not" to giving reasons that things might happen, and writing stories that embrace both the obtusely esoteric, and the comically pragmatic. From divine perspectives on futility, to the moralization of spices by the dogmatically inclined, to re-inventing etemology for a world without Greek isles, or much attachment to divine providence.

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