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About KSLCross

Hey there!
Do you like well written (opinion), well thought out (opinion), and frequently updated (that's the goal of this operation here) Fanfics?
Then this (may depending on writers block/life) is the place for you!
Find me on https://www.fanfiction.net/u/2285106/KSLCross today!!! (Also SpaceBattles and Questionable Questing)

Currently Writing For:

Title: Misfits, The Records of a Worm Campaign.
Description: Ever wanted to PLAY Worm? As, like, a tabletop RPG? Great! Well, you can't unless you find a DM that is willing to ride THAT rollercoaster. Meanwhile read how I run MY trainwreck of an emotional manipulation simulator and essentially backstab my friends PLAYERS. I meant players.

I may be willing to run a campaign for Patreons in the future, I just have no clue how the fuck I'll be able to use Genesys over the interwebs tho.

Currently on Hiatus:

WORM (This one is on both Fanfiction and Spacebattles Questionable Questing)
Title: Project: Deadpool+ (WORM/CYOAv5u)
Description: "Are you sure this is about a Deadpool character? The SI is going full All Might most of the time." A little bit of crackfic. A little bit serious. An idea I can't seem to get out of my head at the moment. Starts with MC getting his limbs and organs harvested, stabbed in the heart, and dumped into the ocean with a concrete block anchored what remained of his lower legs. For all the light-heartedness I bring... this world is a dark one...

Title: The Gamer's Arc
Description: A different twist on Gamer fics for this franchise, it's Jaune-centric, sure, but starts with a young Jaune of 10 years old growing under an over-protective, over-doting family of 7 older sisters and FIVE MOTHERS!!! It's a doozy, it's comedic, the lore (while developing) is deep, and is branched firmly away from every Gamer fic ever (MAGE MAGE MAGE I SPAM SPELLZ LULZ) as far as character build goes (and the way stats are built are different in this world as a whole, although it is heavily Gamer inspired NOTE inspired, not the original The Gamer system)

My Hero Academia CROSSOVER w/ Fate/StayNight (Grand Order)
Title: My Amazing Hero Quirk is Ruining My Gender Identity!
Description: From the little preschool lot where a cute chibi Deku and Kacchan were raised, they had a third friend named Chiba Hinata. When Kacchan first gets his Quirk, there is a terrible accident where a stray explosion takes Deku's eye. But do not fear for our hero Hinata's Quirk turns out to be none other than a Quirk that connects to the legendary, etheral Throne of Heroes! The problem is resolved and- wait. There's still a problem? What's that? I fixed this dammit, I'm the author, that's my job. Oh? All of the Heroic Spirits are female? What's that? Quirks affect and change the body to better suit their Quirks? Hinata grew up to look like a Yamato Nadeshiko?! Oh dear! How will this change affect the world of My Hero Academia? Read to find out now!
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Plus an extra little shout out to all of my first 20 patrons from here until the end of time (Those who are in the Keyboard Knights Tier will get mentioned twice as a result)
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