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About Kurt S Avard

I've heard that it must be a scary place in my head... But I prefer to think of it as a world that's begging to be shared with all of you. 

I am a recovering academic... I spent many a long year toiling away under the lash of cruel professors who demanded I write them papers on boring topics, committing thoughts to paper so they could giggle at my relative ineptitude. Secretly I created worlds in my head, tiny bastions of free thinking and wondrous worlds left unrealized or unrecognized because of their relative worthlessness as I rambled on philosophy and finance.

I escaped eventually, ephemeral degrees clutched to my chest and exploring the world to find my piece of pie. But pie is quite expensive these days, and jobs hard to come by. But while my stomach sought pie, my mind realized the rare chance it had been given, and words flowed through my fingertips to clattering keys and suddenly my neglected worlds were given the sweet breath of life. 

I have written a number of pieces since, but I need you to help me keep the literary family growing. Without you, I will be forced into a cramped cubicle, my fictional children cast out into the nothingness to live wasted lives in literal (or literary, depending on your view) Limbo. 

Here you will find tales of wonder, science, humor, dark thoughts, childlike innocence, and many other things besides. I have worlds that cry out to be explored, and I will post as often as new stories come to me (and I sincerely can say that I have ideas all the time).

I often work on several stories at the same time, and am also in the process of exploring a novel series, so I hope you will come along with me on this trek through the wilderness as each new story is realized and each tale told...

I post AT LEAST once a week, though I promise I will not barrage you with posts. 
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