Killer Tentacle Octopus

is creating polymer clay creations and paintings.
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Access to my basic Patreon feed which includes in-progress pictures, time lapse videos and photo tutorials! 

Get a look at exclusive photos and videosof my work that won't be on my social media pages. This includes details on the materials I’m using and how my jewelry, crystal work, paintings and drawings are made as well as being entered to win one of the monthly care packages.

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With this package you receive access to my behind the scenes photos as well as first access to my new products. I'll make new items available to you first a full week or more before I make them public. This means you get first dibs on new items, custom orders, limited items and more. I also send out coupon codes for my shop from 10-30% off. You’re also entered to win one of the monthly care packages.

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Access to video tutorials of my work. 1-2 a month~

Learn all my secrets and the ins and outs of working with polymer clay! In these full instructional videos I talk you through the entire process with in depth explanations on what I’m doing and the tools being used. From the basics of sculpting with polymer clay, to using enamels, airbrushes, achieving gradients, pattern and glitter effects to painting and drawing in different mediums, with this monthly reward you'll have exclusive access to these tutorials that are nowhere else! I'll go over different methods and tools I use and experiments I'm trying out.  You'll also be entered to win one of my monthly care packages.



About Killer Tentacle Octopus

Welcome to the Patreon page for Killer Tentacle Octopus! Twice a week I upload exclusive content to this page showing behind the scenes photos and videos of the work I’m creating. This ranges from my tentacle sculpture jewelry pieces to my paintings and experiments. Each month every patron is entered to win one of my care packages no matter what your pledge is! As we reach higher goals I will continue to increase the number of care packages I give out. You could win earrings, necklaces, pins, drawings and more! I'm always trying out new things and becoming a patron will give you first access to new creations. Thank you for stopping by and email me at [email protected] with any questions you have.

For the last six years I've focused on creating wearable elegant statement pieces. I focus on making my work pleasing to the eye through symmetry and color theory. Each of my pieces is hand-crafted with the use of polymer clay, apoxie sculpt, enamel and polyurethane. I don't use any molds, beads or pre made bases.

I'm finding myself with less time to create new and interesting pieces as I have to work a part time job to keep the bills paid. I would love to take some time off to experiment and produce new, exciting work by combining my sculpting with paintings, mold making and experimenting with new techniques and mediums.

Patrons will help so I can take time every month to experiment and bring you bigger, better, more jaw dropping work every month. Watch me suffer through trial and error videos, fun tutorials on how I create my work, special prizes,  and more. This is a chance to get in depth tutorials and videos as I create and experiment, something I've never offered before! 

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This goal will add a second monthly care package to the giveaway. Every month I choose one random patron to send care packages full of my hand made goodies and when this goal is reached, I'll make it two! Retail value between $18-75
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