Kyra Carson (KX Blurryface Carson)

is creating Vlogs, music covers, reaction videos.
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About Kyra Carson (KX Blurryface Carson)

I'm just a 19 year old vlogger girl living in this world, doing crazy shit, just being me, MAKE ART DARLING, IT WON'T LAUGH AT YOU❤ I Post NEARLY Every Single Day
Facebook: Kyra Carson
Instagram:kyra_carson @kyracarson
Twitter: KyraCarson333

i am currently homeless, and im just a girl with a dream of making the world slightly or majorly better, and doing what i love most, inspiring people, thank you so much, I love you all. 

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when i reach this amount, i will use it to invest in my YouTube channel and rewards for you guys. As well as a better place to record, and the content will get better as well as the quality.
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