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*NOTICE* As I now have a job in F1, I can no longer make videos, but if you wish to pledge in light of my existing content I'm leaving this here anyway. Thanks for all your support over the years and I hope you've enjoyed all the requested and non-requested videos!

I am a professional aerodynamicist, race car consultant, and an amateur racer, and in my spare time I make videos about cars, which is what this channel is all about! It's broken down into two main sections; KYLE.DRIVES and KYLEENGINEERS

KYLE.DRIVES deals with the driving side of the channel (as the name implies), and includes car reviews and updates on my off road race buggy.

KYLEENGINEERS is where I use my engineering knowledge and experience to teach you about the finer points of car physics and aerodynamics in general. My videos have covered topics from suspension dynamics to vortex flows, and aren't going to stop any time soon! I also take video requests from my viewers.

So where is your money going? Well apart from the obvious time put into filming and editing these videos, it does take actual money to make them. Cameras, lenses, microphones and lighting gear all cost money, and in order to keep the quality of these videos high I am constantly upgrading my equipment. To give you an idea, I typically spend twice as much money on audiovisual equipment as what YouTube brings in ad revenue. Basically, every dollar counts to getting better videos.

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