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My medium is digital art.

Recently, my art has mostly been a mixture of fountain pen ink on 3×5 note cards. The result is scanned or photographed and digitally manipulated with free and open source tools like the pixel-pushing Gnu Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) or the vector-based workhorse Inkscape.

I’ve also been experimenting by using photographs rather than ink as a starting point. This has led me directly to GREYC’s Magic for Image Computing (G’MIC), an amazing plugin for GIMP, that allows further digital manipulation. I’m typically overlaying another photograph in this recent series and manipulating them to the point that their original state is obscured.

I also create graphics, outline and edit narratives, and structure stories to create meaningful (and beautiful) pitch decks, direct, no-bullshit presentations, and macro-level infographics to tell stories for non-profits, for profits, and FLOSS.

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