Kacey Hogan

is creating Watercolour painting, Acrylic painting, sketches
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Cat sketch
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Cute cat sketch of your cat or mine (Cashmere my wonder cat 💪)
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Send me a selfie and I'll sketch you lovely people!
Tattoo design
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A simple tattoo design for you to use
Abstract painting
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A 20"x13" colour feild abstract painting
Animal painting
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A 20"x26" animal painting with exaggerated colour
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40"x72" colour feild abstract painting 
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A painted portrait of you or someone you love




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About Kacey Hogan

Hello! I'm Kacey and I'm currently am art student.  I will be learning digital art but for now I'm making drawings and paintings.  I mostly paint with acrylic paint and I'm still learning my style!
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I'd like to have some income other than student loans to live off.  Being disabled and on medication is a decent expense.  
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