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About Mikaela

As an artist I look to create original pieces using my surroundings as inspiration. My goal here is to gain some extra support for the art that I create, and get my "foot-in-the-door" so to say.

Mainly, I work in marker and watercolor, I love sketching in ball-point pen too. For every pledge I look forward to growing with my fans, improving my technique, and most of all meeting others. I think of this as an opportunity to do something productive, and creative. Whilst also being a positive role-model for my son, and showing him that art, in all its forms, is important too. 

I want to create art based on the Alaskan life-styles. Including the various animals, traditions, heritage, and modern life too. In the future I hope to educate others on what it is like to live in Alaska, or just to share the beauty that it brings!

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