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I write what I know, and when I run out of that I just make shit up. 

What I know is what it's like to be a queer nerdpunk scrappin in the city, looking at this fucked up world on my little magic techno screen;

what I create is what it could be like to be a trans cyborg in an alien wasteland or to be haunted by a mysterious spectre that is difficult to distinguish from the shadow of your past nightmares, or an adventurer seeking seven magic talismen that are tearing the world asunder with madness and chaos. 

I have written journalism for outlets like Gozamos & Streetwise, I used to be active on social media, and I still write about social issues such as mental illness and poverty here. 

I also sometimes write painful personal shit that really should be on a 15 year old’s Open Diary post. But so did a lot of the great poets, they just cut it down more?

Everything will (probably) always be free. For each new patron, I will pledge to someone too! 

I’m no longer in dire straights and now more than anything I just want to share my work. I am very thankful to all supporters, past and present. 

Contact: [email protected]

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