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My eternal gratitude, every $ helps  Not really a "reward" tier. A dollar is the minimum to become a Patron. Obviously, if you wanna pay more, I can't stop you (and it'd be really, really helpful!) 




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About Kagedgeek

Hey Hey Hey! 

I have some really big plans for the future and I'm asking you to be a part of it all. 

'ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!' My intention since the day I started streaming was to create a place for you to come Relax, Interact, be Entertained and have Fun whilst also giving back to and helping to promote the Star Citizen community

With the help of Patreon, I will be able to keep crumpets on the table for the family and also have tea bags in the cupboard for those early morning streams allowing me to work towards becoming a full-time content creator and living my dream,I will also be able to Improve the quality of content through equipment upgrades and will also allow time and resources to help support other content creators find their way.

Any support helps, should you decide to pledge even $1, Thank you, It is my pleasure to entertain and I couldn't do this without you and If you're unable to or just don't want to support me through Patreon, just following and being active on my channel helps more than you know.

kind regards

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