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The Squiggles
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Welcome to the world of awesome stuffs! My eternal thanks for adding another star to the sky.
The Googly Eyes
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With this, you have special eyes! You get to see behind the scenes sketches and videos of my work in progress!
The Doodles
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Getting into the swing of things, not only will you be granted special eyes to behind the scenes content, but you will also be able to request what doodles I make in the artstream and get to keep a copy!




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About Kai6978

Animator, world builder, character designer, synesthete, avid knitter, sinful baker- a few of the roles I play. First and foremost, however, I am a storyteller.

I tell unusual stories, of unlikely heroes and monsters wearing the masks of men, shadows behind smiles and secrets in broad daylight. I want to break myths and misconceptions in the world of stories today, to challenge readers, to share feelings. Ultimately, I hope everyone enjoys a good ride along the way!

Your donations will help keep the story machine going, and one day, be turned into full length animated features or full scale novels. 

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