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About KairyuDee

Hello! I'm Dee, and I'm a young artist trying to make his way in the world. I mainly do digital drawings, but I'm trying to get further into sticker making, as well as custom plushies!

Thank you for coming and looking at my work, and thank you even more if you donate!
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Dee Quest: Tutorial Stage
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  • Access to my sketches and WIPS!
Dee Quest: First Dungeon
per month

  • Monthly sketch request!
  • First access to finished pieces!
  • One sticker sheet/sticker per month!
Dee Quest: The Water Level
per month

  • Monthly flat color request (instead of sketch)!
  • A sticker sheet as well as one custom ballpoint pen sticker!
Dee Quest: MiniBoss
per month
  • One custom cube-style plush!
  • Sketchbook-style page of character of your choice!
  • Custom full-color paint pen sticker!
  • (and everything that everyone else gets!)
$5 of $30 per month
I'll make a special print (topic chosen by poll) that I will give to all of my patrons pledging $5 or more! Print will be 8 1/2 x 11 inches.
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