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is creating Social change through Cosplay and Drag art!

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Trying out the Patreon thing! I have lots of ideas but little resources so that's where you come in! I am looking for the ability to become more of a content creator because its either that or let my art suffer and we all know that during these times we NEED art! Let's usher in a new renaissance together shall we? I will be posting videos where I give tutorials on making relatively functional props, costumes, and simple edits to media because that's where my passion in creating really shifts into overdrive! I also want to be able to do more for the community at large, and this is a lovely platform to gather resources (and frankly free up time in my schedule to do so). Of course I will have my moments of being able to simply wax poetic about my creative process, social justice, and pretty much anything else that comes up. I am very open to suggestions from my patrons and ultimately I am doing these things for an AUDIENCE so lets do this thing together! 
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For every 5 Patrons I will cook a meal in drag/cosplay! Be sure to send me suggestions of what I should dress as while cooking (this is a video series I've been wanting to make for a while!)
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