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Hi there, My name is Kai, but you can call me Kaito. I just recently started a Youtube-Channel, on which I upload gaming related Videos, such as Gameplay videos and so on. I also plan on doing reviews and such, in the future. I´m from Germany but I speak in english in my videos. There is no real reason for this, other then I like to speak and also improve my english.

Of course this must sound boring to you at first, because every 12-year-old who plays Fortnite, claims to be a Youtuber these days. I may also not stand out from other Gaming-Youtubers. I still hope, that you will enjoy my videos.

About my content:

° Gameplay videos / montages with an comedy-like focus (with editing/cutting/etc.)
° Playthroughs (without editing/cutting/etc.)

Like I said, I just recently started making videos, so Idon´t have a clear plan in which direction my content may go. but the main focus is about gaming.

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