Seth Eden

is creating KalabawCNC an open source 3D metal printer and CNC machine

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Kalabaw is pronounced as: Ka-la-Bow
It is a Filipino word (Tagalog) that means: Water Buffalo.
Welcome to all of you who have chosen to follow this page and the technology that is being developed & demonstrated here. I look forward to collaborating with you as we work to prove out this capability and finally birth it into the world.
Those of you who demonstrate a certain level of honesty, loyalty, contribution engagement and general value-add could be chosen for the Beta-Team. (A select group who will test out the systems, tweak and adjust before full open source release.)
This project will be broken up into 2 primary phases:
Phase 1 will be building and proving the Kalabaw CNC machine itself as a G-Code driving platform. Commissioning the hardware and software, etc.
Phase 2 will be building the metal printing modifications, the power systems, power controllers & regulators, PWM's & Variac as well as the fully automatic redundant safety systems.
The metal printing process will be direct feed just like the plastic printing process. The melt process will not be disclosed for community involvement until after the first prototype is built and working. The Beta team will again take over to assist with commissioning and fine tuning leading up to open-source release.
Ground Rules:
Please no negative posts, flaming and baiting will not be tolerated. Repeat offense is an automatic ban.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, professional or unprofessional.
Hate posting is an automatic ban.
Intolerance and racist or sexist content will result in an automatic ban. Everyone here is making costly investment of their time and effort to this project and should be treated with mutual respect, regardless of background and/or history.
Please no off-topic discussions on politics, guns, religion or sports. There are other groups on Facebook for these discussions, this is not the place for them.
NO Product promotions (Other than technology selection discussions, firmware, flow meters, etc...)
NO Spamming
Professional criticism and open mindedness to alternative methods is what should be the guiding principles behind this group. This is no easy technology to build and will require the best minds to solve through the most ingenious out-of-the-box thinking that can be mustered!!
I look forward to working with all of you!
KalabawCNC Logo: JuZmEiStEr (Juz Alvaro) & OpenBuilds
Banner Graphics: Mike Chua (Dirty Jobs Part 2 - Blog Post)…/…/12/dirty-jobs-part-2
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When I reach $10 per month I'll upload the first STL files to GrabCAD so we can start to collaborate!
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